Trump makes mistake in Haiti

Like we say often, there’s a million fires to put out and while Trump has been mostly a Political SuperHero domestically, mistakes like these will be made, especially via his management teams and delegates to whom he has assigned tasks. Trump must scrutinize their conduct and be tough, otherwise all of their corruption will be imputed to him. Omorosa Manigault, who is a lawyer and a long-time Trump affiliate, since first appearing on The Apprentice, is a leader of his interface with minorities with African Americans.

Trump is dynamic so everyone either assumes he’s a dictator or a puppet, a puppetmaster or a puppy of the people and entities he communicates with and works through.

Trump is not the dastardly mean guy everyone tries to paint him as, and individuals who have shown ‘loyalty’ and ‘support’ for Trump like Omorosa get special undeserved privileges to set their own agenda and have President Trump tacitly or actively support their visions.

Watch Omorosa on The View, asserting that she is actually executing her own agenda and is not ‘Trump’s coon’, which is of course, all true.

She a Clinton mole. WH Aide and all that. Another vulture, it seems, among innumerable riding Trump’s coattails.

Her long time confidant, Ron Daniels, is the powerful Democratic operative and Clinton force multiplier to whom Manigualt’s allegiance seems to really belong.

In 2010 Haiti was rocked by a historically massive earthquake. Some analysts suggest that it may have been (((HAARP)))) and while the circumstances are very suspicious, it’s neither proven nor the most important, detail, though very ominous. In the aftermath, the Clintons led a massive swindle of billions of dollars sent in from all around to restore Haiti, provide emergency relief and help build infrastructure. The corrupt regime in Haiti, propped up by the Obama administration were in bed with all major corporations that provide basic services in total monopolies. The officials in power have covered up the Clinton-Judaic alliance that owns Haiti for their own continued exploitative enrichment of everything in Haiti.

These items of intrigue have been exposed by the uniquely fiery Ezili Donto:

She expresses her anger towards Obama’s, Trump’s defacto recognition of this corrupt ZOG-installed oligarchy:

We are told it was Donald Trump’s chief of staff, former RNC chairman, Reince Priebus, along with Omaraso Manigualt who pushed for President Trump to recognize the electoral coup d’etat sponsored by the Obama-Clinton operatives in Haiti. Priebus is allied to the Bush dynasty that has partnered with the Clintons to plunder Haiti oil and natural resources. His treachery is expected.

But it’s devastating, in many ways, that it’s a Black man (Ron Daniels, a bespectacled rat) and Black woman (Omarosa Manigualt- a conze/an aunt Thomasina Black Oriel cookie) in the US, who advised Donald Trump to recognize the Clintons’ Jovenel Moise fraud and send a delegation that brought back the liars, former Obama ambassadors’ Kenneth Merten and Peter Mulrean back in our faces. 

Indeed, these two Bafyoti folks – Omarosa Manigault and Ron Daniels, shouldn’t be in position to further harm Black people whatsoever. We expose them for their destruction in Haiti. In validating the Jovenel Moise fake election and attending his inauguration they enable a criminal parliament, an international electoral fraud and the humanitarian occupation in Haiti that is perpetuating enslavement, starvation wages, stark oppression, UN rapes, indefinite detention of dissenters, assassination of PHTK political opponents, organ and child trafficking.

On Sunday, Haiti police rescued 31 girls from a hotel room at the Kaliko Bay Hotel. Investigators believe the syndicate was preparing to take the children over the Dominican Republic border to then leave the island. “Police and other public officials are also investigating possible sexual exploitation being that all the minors were female. All 31 children were being held in a single room, number 155, at the Kaliko Bay Hotel in Côte-des-Arcadins. The adult suspects were in Room 158 when they were arrested. How all the girls were able to pass hotel administrators and staff to be kept in one room is being investigated by police, according to Inspector Gary Desrosiers. The hotel owner, a driver of a bus that transported the children and some caregivers were held by police.”

The despicable, indescribably criminal actions of the Haitian Government as parasitic proxy for the Kehilla includes common Judaic crimes like money laundering and drug trafficking but far more perniciously, organ trafficking, child trafficking and child sex slavery networks. (((They))) swarmed in like millions of vultures, picking Haiti apart down to the very bone. This started way before Gilbert Bigio and has continued with countless (((others))). Haitian mineral wealth is also being carved and cut out by the Kehilla’s serpentine networks of oligarchs perpetuating the enslavement of the Haitian people.

Ezili did the right thing by immediately rebuking this Clinton Delegation sent by Trump:

President Donald Trump’s first act on Haiti was to send a delegation for the February 7, 2017 inauguration of Jovenel Moise. It consisted of two Clinton-Obama ambassadors.

One, Kenneth Merten, was the U.S. Ambassador to Haiti in 2011 after the earthquake who, with Secretary Hillary Clinton and Cheryl Mills, imposed puppet president, Michel Martelly, in a doctored election, and then repeated the international electoral fraud in 2015 and 2016 to put in Jovenel Moise.

Obama Ambassador to Haiti, Peter Mulrean and career diplomat and Bush dynasty operative, Thomas Shannon, along with Omarosa Manigault, Trump’s White House Director of Communications, completed the Clinton delegation, sent by the Trump Administration, to attend the February 7, 2017 inauguration of the fraudulently elected, accused money launderer, Jovenel Moise.

To understand how hurtful and heinously corrupt this act is to hopeful Haitians looking for the light at the end of this hellish tunnel – working to stop the foreign-sponsored quiet genocide, terror, exploitation and destruction in Haiti, go here, here, here and here.

That Trump would validate the actions of Obama and Clinton is a hard blow for Èzili and Haiti’s suffering people. But credible sources inform us that Donald Trump is being sabotaged by Omarosa Manigault and Reince Priebus, his chief of staff and the former chairman of the Republican National Committee his chief of staff.

This is one important subject that even Trump may have underestimated when he visited with Haitian leaders who pleaded with him to open an investigation into the yuge destruction and exploitation of Haiti by the Clinton led oligarchy. Yet another tentacle that would put him in direct conflict with the Rothschilds.

Longtime Trump advocate and strategist Roger Stone has been digging into the matter as well:

A reliable source just told me that President Trump is sending an official White House delegation to Haiti on Monday. It looks like they may be going to attend the February 7th inauguration of Clinton puppet, money laundering parting gift to Haiti – the newly selected, “fraudulently elected” Jovenel Moise, already under investigation for money laundering.

These are the same criminals that helped the Clinton’s RAPE of Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake. This is the puppet government of the cronies Bill and Hillary Clinton, and this is about stealing the island nations, gas, oil, and minerals. These are the same Clinton cronies and donors who stole most of US and international earthquake money through rich, no bid contracts, but built little housing.

It would be sad if this happens. Sad, that Haiti gets saddled again with a Clinton Foundation and Haiti billionaire oligarchy president that is tied to former Tonton Makout, Michel Martelly- who will rule from behind Jovenel Moise. Haitian-American supporters of Trump fear the worst, that Trump will let the corruption continue with this electoral coup d’état.

And who arranged for a White House delegation to Haiti but Omarosa Manigault of “Apprentice” fame, now serving on the White House staff. Does Omarosa not know the facts- or is it something worse?

My research shows that Omarosa traveled to Haiti in 2007 with the Haiti Support Project, which is Ron Daniels’s organization. Ron Daniels is a Democratic political operative. Daniels is most likely the man who directed the rigging of two elections for the billionaire’s front man, Jovenel Moise.

Daniels also traveled with Omarosa to Haiti after the quake.

After the fraudulent elections on November 20, 2016 where Clinton crony and major donor to the Clinton Foundation Denis O’Brien, owner of Digicel Mobile, essentially bought the Obama-Clinton-backed Jovenel Moise, finish Ron Daniels, a quisling, pretended to be a neutral party pushing for those who opposed the Digicel-Clinton fraud to unite with the money launderer. See his missive below pushing “unity” with electoral thieves and the Clinton criminals stealing from the Haitian people.

Fraudulently “elected” Jovenel Moise, who the Haiti oligarchy and Digicel (big Clinton Foundation donor in Haiti) are spending hundreds of millions to put in office over the people’s head on February 7th, is already under investigation for money laundering. The judge has not released the results of the investigation, running out the clock until Jovenel is inaugurated on February 7th. The judge was greased to “clear” him — details here on the Narco State being supported by the Clinton-Obama backed Jovenel Moise.

Moise also openly campaigned with DEA-indicted drug dealer, most wanted fugitive and warlord, Guy Philippe.

Clinton crony Denis O’Brien illegally announced the results of the November 20th election the AFTERNOON of the vote, claiming Jovenel Moise had won by 64%. The Haitian prosecutor called Digicel to a court hearing for manipulation. Digicel (Denis O’Brien) who the Clinton-Obama-USAID gave a monopoly on mobile banking in Haiti with US taxpayer dollars, also gave free phone cards (between 200 to 500 gourds worth of credit) to Haitian voters, right in front of the voting centers the day of the election to push people to vote for the oligarch/status quo Jovenel Moise.

Both elections were tainted by massive fraud and bribery. During the campaign, President Trump talked specifically about the Clinton’s corruption in Haiti and their failure to help the people while rewarding their cronies. Will he let it continue?

Also, lest we forget, Yehudi Arabia.

We understand there are many intertwining entanglements between the US and Saud that will take some time to extricate ourselves from, but just as we felt Yahudi Arabia should have had some travel restrictions in the immigration ban, we also feel the US must very rapidly start eliminating our Dark Alliance with the Wahhabist Murderers of Saud. These weapons sales if finalized and expedited do not forebode well for the Trump era.

Thus the exceedingly repugnant Saudis receiving an award for anti-terrorism from Trump’s appointed CIA director Michael Pompeo is among the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen. A big blight on Orange. This, while just theatre and posturing, is not a good signal early on, irrespective the idea’s origin. The Saudis are Crypto-Juice who engage in the greatest evils at the highest levels throughout the Globe. They and their affiliated tyrannical fiefdoms built on monopolies of God’s black gold, the gift and the curse, are on their way out in this new era we are entering. The faster the Trump administration sets up our energy independence and weans us off the energy and security arrangements of these Dark vampires the faster they will collapse. If despite’s Trump clear disdain for the Saudis, the Trump administration continues to support the Saud dynasty, Trump will be held accountable. He must force his deputies to accede to his will. These are fundamental issues crucial to our active support of his Presidency. He must fulfill the basic campaign promises. We will watch this situation closely and push the Trump administration to start to eliminate our entanglements with israel and Saud as soon as politically and economically attainable.